New Glasses

The amount of light that enters your new lens (light transmittance) will be a lot higher than your old ones. So you may feel that they are a lot brighter to look through. It usually takes several days to get used to new glasses.

New Prescription

Some customers may feel the prescription is strong and it can almost feel a bit painful. This is normal with new prescriptions! Usually, it takes about one week to adapt to a new prescription. If after a week or even a few days, it’s still not working, you could ask your optometrist/optician to recheck your prescription to ensure it is accurate. You can also use your old prescription if you feel more comfortable with that.

Issues Caused by the Change of Frame Shape

Such as changing from square to round, or from small to big. In larger frames, your lens will also be thicker. Some customers may feel a little dizzy and just like with the prescription change, it will take about a week to get used to a different frame shape and size. If you still feel dizzy, you could change to the frame style and shape you were wearing before.