Top Quality Lens

Here’s everything you need to know about our premium eyeglass lenses that we offer. From practical lens coatings to the different vision-correction options available, your lenses are the heart and soul of your eyewear

Blue Light Filter

Our Blue Light Blocking lenses are capable of reducing blue-violet rays from entering our eyes. It can:

  • Helps prevent eyestrain and fatigue
  • Helps protect eyes and improve sleep patterns
  • Improves image contrast
  • Reduces glare from digital devices

Premium Digital Lens

Scratch Resistance & Anti-Glare

Easy-Clean & Anti Smudge

Water Resistance


Blue-Light Filter

UV Protection

Lens Index


The lens index measures the thickness of eyeglass lenses. The higher the number the thinner the lens. Strong prescription lenses are naturally thick, but high index lenses allow them to be thinner than standard lenses.

What Are High Index Lenses And What’s The Difference?

High index lenses are thinner, more powerful lenses. They’re lightweight and stylish, but are mostly reserved for those with higher vision correction needs. While most prescriptions are compatible with more than one specific index, it’s up to you to decide which one fits your personal needs!

Lens Thickness Recommendation

– If your power is around -2.00, choose 1.56 index, it will be around 3mm

Lens Thickness Recommendation

– If your power is around -4.00, choose 1.61 index, it will be around 3-4mm

Lens Thickness Recommendation

– If your power is around -6.00, choose 1.67 index, it will be around 4-5mm

Lens Coating

Lens coatings add extra useful features to your eyewear.
Our lens material are using columbia resin 39 original Japan material

Block UV and Blue Violet Rays.

UV 400
Anti-Blue Light Requirement Conformance
Harmful Blue 1 Harmful Blue 2
380-415nm 415-445 nm
Percentage Block Harmful Blue Light 100% 100% 80%
Anti-Blue Light Requirement Conformance
Good Blue 1 Good Blue 2
445-475nm 475-505 nm
Percentage Allow to Insert 90% 90%

The results fully meet the new national standard

Not All Blue Light is Bad.

Good Blue light is needed for good eye health:
It boosts alertness, helps memory and cognitive function, and elevates mood.

Which Lens Should You Choose?

Scratch Resistance &
Anti-Glare Coatings
Easy-Clean & Anti
Resistance Coating
Dust-Repellent Blue-Light Filter 100% UV Protection
Basic Clear Lens
Eyeknow Digital Lens