Why Your Lenses Need a Blue Light Coating

Blue-violet light emitted from smartphones, computers, TV, and tablets can lead to some serious eye strain. As we live in the digital era, we spend most of our time using digital devices due to our modern lifestyle and nature of work. And children are the vulnerable group who may be exposed to more screen time, including TV, computers, gaming consoles, smartphones, and tablets without eye protection.

Eye Strain & Dry Eye Fatigue

Headaches & Migraines

Disruption Sleep Patterns

Lose Focus

Short-wave Blue Light Passes through the Cornea & Lens of the Eye and Reaches the Retina

Eyeknow Digital Glasses Prevent Short-wave Blue Light from Passing through the Cornea & Lens of the Eye and Reaching the Retina

How it Work

Eyeknow lens including 100%  UV cut. Our new high-quality lenses Columbia resin 39 that block 100% of blue light rays at 415nm and block 80% of blue light rays between 415nm-445nm wavelengths. Blue-light filtering which specifically developed for people who spend a lot of time outdoor & indoor and are exposed to UV rays, blue-violet, and LED lights from the digital devices. i.e. smartphones, laptops, TV, and tablets.


From improving your sleep to maximize your focus, the benefits of Eyeknow Digital Glasses will drastically improve your quality of life.

Look Cool Wherever You Go

Reduce Eye Strain

Improve Your Sleep

Improve Vision

Premium Digital Lens

Scratch Resistance & Anti-Glare

Easy-Clean & Anti Smudge

Water Resistance


Blue-Light Filter

100% UV Protection